Announcing NTV Screenings NYC Sept. 23


NewTeeVee is returning for a second annual New York City edition of our Pier Screening series in just a few weeks. Last year was a blast and we hope you’ll come again and bring your friends.

NTV Screenings, for those unacquainted, are nighttime events where we show a bunch of videos originally intended for the web — meaning they usually get consumed by one person, alone in the glow of his or her laptop. As a bit of an experiment (and also an excuse to hang out and drink beer and eat popcorn) what we do is show those same videos up on a big screen for an audience of a hundred or more people.

This month’s edition will be on September 23 at NYU, and it’s free to attend so long as you register for a ticket here. The theme is viral ads, somewhat in honor of the coincidence with Advertising Week in New York.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re putting on the event with the help of two partners, the enormously popular NY Video 2.0 Meetup group as well as Visible Measures, an independent analytics firm that tracks viral ads as they spread, replicate, and inspire parody across the web. As a bit of an experiment, we will be choosing videos as a joint research project with Visible Measures, rather than taking submissions as we usually do. But if you know of something great, please do let us know (screenings at newteevee).

We should also give a shout out to our sponsors, On2, G-Technology, VoloMedia, Threadless, Move Networks, Digital Fountain, and Etchstar. If you’d like to sponsor the event please also let us know (screenings at newteevee).

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