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NebuAd Calls ‘Time-Out’ On Further ISP Ad Targeting

Having endured continued Congressional scrutiny, the loss of potential clients and the sudden departure of its CEO, NebuAd has decided to call “time out” on its ad targeting plans, WaPo reports. With Congress still trying to figure out what to do about privacy issues related to behavioral targeting, a NebuAd rep tells WaPo that it will hold off on the further roll-out of its system, which is designed to serve ads directly to ISP broadband subscribers. The plan is to wait and see what sort of rules Congress comes up with regarding the practice of targeted ads.

NebuAd was summoned before Congress this summer following complaints from privacy advocates and consumers over ad targeting tests it ran with Charter Communications (NSDQ: CHTR). The cable company quickly dropped plans to place behavioral ads on web pages that were accessed by its broadband service subscribers. After that, other clients began canceling their tests. So NebuAd, which raised roughly $30 million in little over a year, felt it had little choice than to put things on hold. That said, Redwood, CA.-based NebuAd says it remains committed to pursuing the targeting through ISPs.