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iPhone Sales In Eastern Europe: Not So Good

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The 3G edition may have accelerated iPhone sales worldwide, but the picture in eastern Europe is less rosy. Dow Jones reports that T-Mobile and Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) in the Czech Republic have sold only about 5,000 each since launch on August 22. T-Mobile spokeswoman Martina Kemrova said that’s “in line with our expectations” – but the figures are dwarfed by take-up elsewhere in the world

Worldwide: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) reported first-weekend iPhone 3G sales of one million and three million 3G iPhones in three days following its July launch. T-Mobile reported 120,000 international sales since July 11.
UK: Carphone Warehouse projected 70,000 first-weekend sales for the first-gen iPhone last year; analysts totted up 190,000 from O2 in the first eight weeks.
Germany: T-Mobile sold 10,000 first-gen iPhones on its first day last year and 75,000 iPhone 3Gs since this July 11.

Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS) quotes a source close to Vodafone as acknowledging Czech sales were “very small despite heavy marketing, because Czechs aren’t used to this kind of hype”. iPhone 3G is also carried by O2 in the Czech Republic.

8 Responses to “iPhone Sales In Eastern Europe: Not So Good”

  1. You should check your facts. The reason so few iphones have sold here ini the Czech Republic is because Apple didn't send enough. I was on vacation on the 22nd and by the time I got back a few days later every iphone 16gb in Prague was sold out. the 8Gbs aren't so popular but the 16gbs all sold like hot cakes. I still can't get one anywhere and every store clerk has no idea when they'll get more.

  2. This is a bit of a 'bait for hits' piece as Mr Andrews knows full well.
    So 10,000 iPhones in 10 days since launch is "Not So Good" or as stated above "seems paltry" ?
    … compared with what exactly?
    Sales of Nokia free phones?, Blackberrys? Ski poles?
    As pointed out, some overall market figures would provide the necessary context.
    So what exactly is your point?

  3. Neel, a bit unfair to suggest we're just slagging on Apple.
    I know where the former eastern bloc is. I was in Prague about three weeks ago around the 40th anniversary of the Soviet's quashing the uprising in Wenceslas Square.
    Thanks for contributing the disposable-income theory; interesting. But 5,000 per carrier in almost a fortnight seems paltry for a country with 10,403,136 people.

  4. "Czechs aren’t used to this kind of hype"? For their sake I hope they remain that way.

    For any other company I would of thought Neel Joshi was a paid shill, but Apple fanboys do that for free… Did Apple have a 1 million target? I thought it was 10 million.

    There's no real problem with the iPhone not taking off in Czech. All markets are different — not just the manufacturers change but also the models they sell. When I moved from Australia to Mexico I thought their phones were several years behind, then I realised it's because I was searching out high-end Nokia phones and Nokia didn't have a big marketshare here.

  5. Constable Odo

    I don't mind them reporting the truth if this is how it really is. They did report the upside numbers, too. I, for one, would like an honest report of how the iPhone is doing around the world. I'm sure numbers for India will be low, but possibly the numbers for South America as a whole will be unexpectedly high.

    Surely you don't think that the populace in every country in the world can afford to buy iPhones in quantity, do you? You should hear people bitch about the cost of a $3 app in the App Store. The iPhone overall is selling very well and you should be satisfied with that.

  6. NEEL JOSHI you moron, they came out of the "Soviet Grip" in 1990, not recently, and people there have wide selection of high-end mobiles like Nokia N95s and others to choose from. The iPhone is crippled and has 3G network problems.


    Anything negative about Apple and you reporters/ writers jump on the bandwagon. Not just Apple but other companies. —First off you probably just discovered where Eastern Europe is, secondly to update you on the Eastern Block Countries, they recently came out of the Soviet Grip. Those economies are struggling to come up, so yes there is no surprise that people do not have money for this luxury item. —Now to back track, all you reporters first wrote negative about Apple and the 1 million target, not that's over so here comes Eastern Europe. What's next you IDIOT