Spore Origins Released For iPod


All of the gaming love seems to have been directed at iPhone and iPod touch users for the past few months so it’s only fair that “regular” iPod owners get a piece of the pie.

Tricky Software has released Spore Origins. It’s currently only available for iPod nano (3rd generation), iPod classic and iPod (5th generation).

Using a simple single-finger control (via the click-wheel), you can navigate around 18 levels in six different worlds. The same premiss of the full Spore game applies here in that as you complete levels, you can evolve your creature to be stronger and faster.

The game is available in the iTunes store for $4.99.

Tricky Software is working on getting Spore Origins developed for iPhone/iPod touch and hopes to have it available in the coming weeks (no word yet on pricing).

The full Spore game is scheduled to be released in a matter of days on September 7th.

If you give Spore Origins a go, let us know!



I got really excited when I read the title…then I got disappointed when I read the rest.

I’m excited about this release…but I don’t think my chipset supports it.

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