Searching Google and Yahoo! Concurrently


I’ve written about alternative search engines here before, and because I spend so much time searching, I always keep my eye out for good new search ideas to try. Recently, I’ve been using SearchBoth, which has an interesting spin on the concept of searching multiple sites at once.

SearchBoth lets you search a few different types of sites concurrently, but the one web workers may find most useful is searching Google and Yahoo at the same time. At the site’s home page, you can enter your search term once, hit Search, and get back a dual-paned view of the results from both sites. For some kinds of searches, your results won’t differ all that much between the two views, but for others they will.

In particular, I have found SearchBoth to be good for searching for images. For example, if I enter Linus Torvalds as my search term and toggle SearchBoth to find images, I’ll get back two completely different views of Torvalds images–both scrollable as they would be when using the sites on a standalone basis–and I get a mixed bag of photos that I might want to use.

SearchBoth can also be useful for comparing prices for technology products you may be in the market for. I entered Asus Eee PC as my search term in SearchBoth, and found the lowest prices on the Google pane on the left of my screen, but for other products, Yahoo! pulled up the lowest prices.

You can also use SearchBoth to pull up news stories and blog posts that both Google and Yahoo! find. This is useful when a particular piece of news  is breaking and I want to see who may have picked it up.

If you like the idea of seeing your search results in ways that you’re not used to, and you haven’t tried it yet, you may also like Redzee. Redzee returns thumbnail graphical images of your results, and lets you drag to cycle through them. They cycle by very much like the Cover Flow feature works on an iPod, and this can be useful if what you’re looking for is an image or graphic rather than text.

Do you use any alternative search engines?



I have found Dogpile ( to be an interesting blend of search engines, including Google, Yahoo, LiveSearch and Ask. That said, their top-ranking results often seem weighted in favour of one search engine or another. I leave it to others to decide whether that is a good or bad thing!

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