Roomba Hacking, Madsen’s Coma: NTV Station Today

I have a soft spot in my heart for technology demos, especially when they’re put together by extremely enterprising nerds. In this Roomba hacking demo, a Japanese man uses Bluetooth technology to control his Roomba with his Wii Balance Board. The actual demonstration isn’t extremely impressive, but YouTube user longjie0723‘s enthusiastic hosting warrants giving him his own series on G4. Or, at the very least, a wacky Japanese game show.

And Steve Bryant reviews the new Crackle series Coma, praising its unique visual look: “These tricks compel the first few times you see them, imbuing otherwise common events with graphic urgency. Instead of seeing Michael Madsen light a cigarette, you’re like ‘Holy sh-t, Michael Madsen just lit the f-ck out of that cigarette!'” But what’s the downside to this style? Find out at NewTeeVee Station!


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