Live Mesh Windows Mobile client shows a “unified” front


LivemeshwindowsmobileYes, the Windows Mobile client for Live Mesh is alive and well… but it’s not ready for the general mobile populace just yet. Handhelds should see it "in the coming months" according to Long Zheng who got a preview at Microsoft TechEd Australia 2008 this morning.

Interestingly we all get so focused on data synchronization in the Mesh it’s hard to remember that Microsoft intends for it to be much more. How much? This lengthy theme says it all: "…unified device management to remotely manage health,status, location and capability of devices; unified applicationdeployment with synced configurations and settings for thoseapplications; and finally unified data management across any device."

I’ve seen bits and pieces of this type of functionality within Windows Mobile for years (think Remote Wipe, Exchange profile settings, etc… ), but that word "unified" leads me to think we’ll see more focus on extending and blending the Windows and Windows Mobile ecosystem. And that would have far more impact than just data synchronization. I’m still sorting this one out in my head for a follow up… meanwhile, tell me what your impressions and, more importantly, your expectations are for Live Mesh.


Gavin Miller

Remember too that Mesh allows remote access to all connected PCs. Not as fast as Logmein but does the job and is quick and easy.


Upon the demise of local online grocery shopping, I started using Live Mesh for the mundane task of managing my grocery list. I like it! Along the way, I’ve started shuffling recipes from the office machine to the kitchen machine. I can access Live Mesh via my XV6800 in an acceptable manner now.

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