JOBLOGS Creates Web Workspaces For You and Your Clients


JOBLOGS LogoIt’s been a good week to be a reviewer of web applications. Earlier this week I got a sneak peek at Staction, yesterday saw the release of Google’s Chrome, and today I get to discuss JOBLOGS.

JOBLOGS is what I would call a collaboration and communication manager, but one specifically designed for service oriented businesses. Encompassing CRM functionality with a private workspace for collaboration, JOBLOGS is a central place for all information related to a specific client, process, or project.

Use JOBLOGS to capture events, actions, files, and notes and then quickly tie this information to clients, people or projects. They use the concept of Blogs which was a bit confusing at first, but they don’t mean Blogs in the traditional sense. In JOBLOGS, a blog is essentially a container for a project or transaction. It can be affiliated with a client or company and has its own set of actions and events. Publish it externally and it becomes a collaboration hub. The permission system dictates the level of interaction available.

JOBLOGS looks and feels a lot like a desktop application. Different components of the application appear in their own resizable windows. You even have the ability to choose a wallpaper and retrieve items from a trash bin.

JOBLOGS Interface

I particularly appreciated how customizable the data forms are. I was able to easily create new data fields to capture the specific information I might need for my business. Fields can be dragged and dropped to change the order.

Create JOBLOGS Fields

The interface is comfortable and incredibly responsive. There are no page refreshes and no save buttons. Queries run quickly and it is terribly easy to customize the display of information. Data import and export options are plentiful.

The folks at JOBLOGS really seem to have thought of everything a small group would need to communicate and collaborate. By combining disparate services into one package, it really does become a central hub for everything one might need to keep day to day operations as well as specific projects running smoothly. A demo video runs through things and should give you a good idea of how things look and feel.

JOBLOGS plans start at Free for a basic single user option up to a $149 Pro option. A 30 day trial is available for all plans.

Is there a place for JOBLOGS in your business?



We are conference planners now testing Joblogs. So far we are liking the ease of use.

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