Zuckerberg, Huffington and Mossberg on Vanity Fair 100 List


imageThe Vanity Fair 100 list is out, and the usual litany of powerhouses and powerbrokers..the magazine calls is “The Vanity Fair Top 100 Leaders of Information Age”, so in that spirit, some new names, including Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook; Arianna Huffington, founder of HuffPo; Matt Drudge, founder of DrudgeReport; and everyone’s favorite reviewer Walt Mossberg. Then the familiar big media names such as Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Jeff Bewkes, Barry Diller, Peter Chernin, Howard Stringer, Philippe Daumann, and others.

Then on the rising stars, the “New Establishment” as it calls them, includes some names which we write about regularly here: Mika Salmi, Quincy Smith, MySpace founders, Max Levchin, the iLike founders, Dmitry Shapiro, founder of Veoh, Evan Williams, founder of Twitter and others…

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