Wippit Put Out Of Its Misery; Pioneering Legal P2P Service Dies


imageMusic store Wippet, which once blazed a trail in legal P2P, has shut down. Distorted Loop quotes a spokesperson as saying: “Wippit finally succumbed to tough market conditions and the changing landscape in the retail market.”

Launched in 2001 by Paul Myers, Wippit first offered all-you-can-eat music via its legal P2P network for £30 per year – a paradigm that disappeared from view and has now come full circle with Qtrax having already launched the concept and Playlouder near to an ISP deal. Wippit later expanded to individual track retailing, picked up licenses from EMI and Warner, and garnered white label deals with easyJet, Tesco and Daily Star. It retailed DRM-free tracks years earlier than the majors, which only started doing so last year.

Wippit’s spokesperson continued:


Radley Machado

Very well Said Patricia….paul go on….you are a pioneer and i am sure you will come up with something out of the box…Good Luck

Patricia Giuria

No luxkyblue, you are not right!. I have luxurious services and properties for wealthy people and they love to pay thousands for days in Buenos Aires.
Also Real Estate are immerse in the global chaos, some will survive and some will not. Personally I think "if it is free, I don't want it" , I prefer to pay.
Wish you the best of luck to Paul Myers, entrepreneur that will be soon braking all ranks with another excellent business.


I know why it failed BECAUSE it wasnt FREE how can you compete with illegal services that are free and have everysong ever recorded if your not free? Thats their flawed business model QTRAX is free and up and running with major label music paid subscription music services are a thing of the past see napster these days its next eventually I tunes they will be the last pay service to fall only because of their lock on the i pod but all fall they will.

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