Where to Watch the RNC Online


Hurricane Gustav pushed the Republican National Convention off schedule, but the event is underway in full force today. To help all you McCainiacs and Palinites, here are all the places you can catch all the action through the magic of online video.

Ustream is the official streaming partner for the RNC, and has five camera feeds covering the event. (The player had autoplay, so it’s embedded after the jump.)

You can also check out videos and live-streaming coverage from the official Republican site GOPConvention2008.com.

The mainstream broadcast media is blanketing the web with coverage. MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX News and CNN are all providing video coverage of the event (though I’m not sure what Katie Couric’s planned web exclusives will consist of as she was in New Orleans as of last night).

The Washington Post and Newsweek are still partnering live broadcasts from the RNC show floor.

Both KCRW and The Huffington Post are still using Kyte for live mobile video broadcasts from the convention (though the left-leaning HuffPo might not provide the coverage McCain fans are looking for — same goes for the coverage provided by Theuptake.org).

And you can find speeches, delegate videos and behind-the-scenes footage at YouTube’s Convention Channel.


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