What You Missed This Weekend on NewTeeVee


It seems like the world forgot to stop turning this Labor Day, but if you actually got away from it all, here are some excellent NewTeeVee stories you might have missed:

A Tour of Tom Green’s Home Studio: Chris and I paid a visit to the comic at his Hollywood Hills home last week, where he’s becoming a techie despite himself as he tries to fulfill his dream of hosting a live interactive daily talk show…from his living room.

5 Devices That Spell Trouble for Your Comcast Bandwidth Cap: Using your Internet-connected living room devices may run you into the new 250 GB limit. Janko spells it all out, since Comcast isn’t actually giving customers a meter.

Did John McCain Vet Sarah Palin? Maybe they just bonded over The Hills. At least that’s the theory of Liz and Jill in their weekly NewTeeVee Station Conversation.

Is LG15: The Resistance a Web Show or TV Show? That’s what Daisy wants to know after hearing about its weekly release and international syndication plans.

GameZombie.tv Worth a Look: Or as James puts it, “In the cutesy alternate reality of GameZombie, the world’s been overrun by hordes of the undead, and for some reason, all that remains to keep the survivors sane are games.”

What TiVo Could Teach My Verizon FiOS TV DVR: New NTV contributor Liane says there are some simple things her old TiVo simply got right that her newfangled FiOS box can’t seem to manage.

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