Raon EVERUN NOTE specs uncovered


EverunnoteRaon Digital shocked many mobile enthusiasts with the announcement of their upcoming EVERUN NOTE UMPC powered by an 1.2 GHz AMD Turion 64×2 Dual Core CPU. With everything seemingly moving to the Intel Atom, who figured a true notebook processor would appear in a highly portable device? In Raon’s defense, this isn’t your traditional netbook… if you can call a 10-month-old device genre "traditional", that is. Actually Raon isn’t marketing this at all as a netbook: it’s a "premium mini notebook" and the "world’s smallest genuine Ultra Mobile Notebook PC" in their PDF specifications sheet.

It’s definitely a small beast at 742 grams, or 1.63 pounds. The seven-inch screen is just wide enough to fit a keyboard… and hey look: it has a full-sized Right-Shift key for me! ;) Due to the CPU, this is something that specification-wise, I’d compare to my current UMPC, the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. It has the same 1024×600 resolution on the touchscreen, comes with 1 GB of memory and runs Windows XP Home. You can go with a 12 GB flash drive or opt for a hard drive with 30-, 60- or 100-GB capacity. While I get over five hours of real-world time with my Q1UP battery, the EVERUN NOTE will see up to 3 hours. However, the Q1UP battery capacity is 50% greater than the 5200 mAh battery, so from a power standpoint, the devices are actually pretty similar. I’d expect the EVERUN NOTE to drain around 10 Watts per hour or so with this platform.

Also included in the device: 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, 1.3-megapixel webcam, optical mouse sensor built-in, two USB ports, one mini-USB port, VGA out that supports 1920×1200 resolution, mini PCI Express slot and SD slot.

Let me pose the question to you that Raon Digital asks in the PDF: is there anything the EVERUN NOTE is missing? Oh… before you answer, I just realized the price was missing: looks to be around $879 which is far less than the Q1UP price I paid of nearly $1,300! At that price, size and configuration, many folks will be eagerly awaiting availability next month.

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I just checked the Korean website, which sells this device, and it looks like the price there is 895,000 WON (Korean money unit). That’s equivalent to about $720, which is lot cheaper than $800 ~ $900 asking price here. But then I don’t know how much the shipping cost is going to be so.. Also, it looks like the device is really hot in Korea because the unit was sold out in 3 days and I’m assuming the price will not be dropping anytime soon.. I would definitely consider this device if the price was right around $600..

Francois 2

I want mine !

What about Express Card slot instead of the miniPCI express ?

And… ahem… azerty keyboard ? ;-)

Question to people who might know : what size is the Disk ? 1″8 ? and is the memory upgradable ?


love the looks. i wish someone would pop out something like this with a 600mhz or so windows mobile setup along with a sim card slot. the battery would last forever. like the htc advantage but better.


the real deal breaker for me is the keyboard…

I’ve been playing around with the Acer Aspire One at Best Buy and I do find myself mis-typing here and there as I’m touch typing without looking.

From what I hear, the keyboard is at least bigger than the original Eee Pc 701

Ed C

Just make a decent inking 9″ convertible tablet version for another hundred or two and I’m in…


i am very curious to see how well the optical mouse works, from what ive heard so far they are surprisingly good. it’s amazing how much smaller you can make a laptop when you dont have the huge touchpad & palmrest area’s.

i do wish they had designed an Atom version also for those of us who dont need that much power & prefer extra battery life.


It shall be a tiny beast and for that price it is hard to justify when you can get a budget end or a decent normal laptop but let me remind everyone again…

Your really paying for the size of the laptop!

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