Raon EVERUN NOTE specs uncovered

EverunnoteRaon Digital shocked many mobile enthusiasts with the announcement of their upcoming EVERUN NOTE UMPC powered by an 1.2 GHz AMD Turion 64×2 Dual Core CPU. With everything seemingly moving to the Intel Atom, who figured a true notebook processor would appear in a highly portable device? In Raon’s defense, this isn’t your traditional netbook… if you can call a 10-month-old device genre "traditional", that is. Actually Raon isn’t marketing this at all as a netbook: it’s a "premium mini notebook" and the "world’s smallest genuine Ultra Mobile Notebook PC" in their PDF specifications sheet.

It’s definitely a small beast at 742 grams, or 1.63 pounds. The seven-inch screen is just wide enough to fit a keyboard… and hey look: it has a full-sized Right-Shift key for me! ;) Due to the CPU, this is something that specification-wise, I’d compare to my current UMPC, the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. It has the same 1024×600 resolution on the touchscreen, comes with 1 GB of memory and runs Windows XP Home. You can go with a 12 GB flash drive or opt for a hard drive with 30-, 60- or 100-GB capacity. While I get over five hours of real-world time with my Q1UP battery, the EVERUN NOTE will see up to 3 hours. However, the Q1UP battery capacity is 50% greater than the 5200 mAh battery, so from a power standpoint, the devices are actually pretty similar. I’d expect the EVERUN NOTE to drain around 10 Watts per hour or so with this platform.

Also included in the device: 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, 1.3-megapixel webcam, optical mouse sensor built-in, two USB ports, one mini-USB port, VGA out that supports 1920×1200 resolution, mini PCI Express slot and SD slot.

Let me pose the question to you that Raon Digital asks in the PDF: is there anything the EVERUN NOTE is missing? Oh… before you answer, I just realized the price was missing: looks to be around $879 which is far less than the Q1UP price I paid of nearly $1,300! At that price, size and configuration, many folks will be eagerly awaiting availability next month.

(via UMPC Portal)


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