jkOnTheRun first look – MSI Wind with 6-cell battery


FedEx did me a favor and delivered my MSI Wind a day early, so here’s a twenty minute walk though and overview of the device. This is the unit with the 6-cell battery, which I estimate will get me a good five-plus hours of real-world run time. I originally purchased a new white MSI Wind from Dynamism at $599, but while waiting for the order to be fulfilled, I noticed they had a black open-box unit for $20 less. I jumped on it and Dynamism threw in two useful goodies which I cover in the video.

This is just my first impressions after using the netbook for all of an hour; I’ll be spending much more time with the MSI Wind over the next week or two of course. Drop your questions in the comments and I’ll do what I can to answer them! So far, I’m pretty impressed in terms of performance, build quality, keyboard and functions. $579 worth of impressed? I might be, but I’ll know for sure in a few days.



Hey Kevin,

If you have a chance to compare both MSI Wind and EEE 1000H’ heat and noise, I would appreciate some feedback on it.

I´m about to pull the trigger, and heat and noise are the “dealbreakers” for me…


Rick Huizinga

Its back on YouTube now. It was stating “This video is no longer available” when I checked the other night… I’m not sure what was going on, but it sort of seemed like a DMCA takedown or something… :)


the Winds 6-cell actually looks pretty good, it molds well to the case. much better than the extended battery on the HP or Acer (and probably Lenovo as well).


how is the build quality overall? how would you compare it to other machines like the Acer?


Wimpy Fabio, haha

you keep growing that hair out Kev & your ganna be prettier than your wife

Kevin C. Tofel

Hmmm… not sure what’s going on with the video. It’s still there in YouTube, but the status shows as “processing” for some reason. I’ll continue to look into the issue.

Good questions about this when compared to the Asus 1000H; we’ll have a head to head comparison in the next few days. Me and my Fabio locks are looking forward to the “netbook deathmatch”. ;)


I just tried to add a comment from the new ‘Chrome’ but it gave me
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I’ll try sending from here to see if it is Chrome or the link
By the way, I was writing to let you know the video of the Wind is no longer available – I was looking forward to that – boo hoo


I’m done with these netbooks, for now. I’ve been through two of them (Eee 701, Mini-Note), and I’ve decided that they’re just not for me, at the moment.

For what I need something like this for, they’re going to have to get even cheaper. The Acer is close at 349, but to me, 250 would be just about perfect.


Considering the number of Back to School laptops available for less than what you paid that thing would have to scratch my back and walk the dog…

Why can’t they pre-install XP on the low cost >$500 laptops?


Looks to be a dead on match specwise for the 1000H that I have. Some questions/comments:

1. How accessible is the hard drive for upgrade? Asus really did it right on the 1000H, making access to the RAM, hard drive, and wireless card all user upgradeable. I dropped in a 64GB SSD in no time at all. Worked like a charm.

2. Does the wind have hard buttons for turbo mode and screen resolution? On the 1000H I really like the fact that I can switch between 1024×600, 1024×768 (scrollable), 1024×768 (compressed), and 800×600, on the fly. One place where this is VERY handy is when installing Adobe CS2; the installer does a detect for a minimum of 1024×768 resolution in order to install. Being able to swap resolutions on the fly makes installations like this a breeze.

3. The multitouch touchpad on the Asus 1000H is much more useful than I would have anticipated. I’m now spoiled by it.

4. You mentioned that the HD was a 5400RPM drive (you thought). The 1000H has a 5400RPM SATA-II Seagate Momentus hard drive. Really quite spry! I was quite impressed compared to other netbooks/UMPCs I’ve used.

5. How is the wireless? That’s one area where I think the 1000H falls short — weak wireless strength.

Dynamism is usually a little on the high side pricewise; is $599 the normal street price? That puts it at $50 more than the 1000H.

The LED screen on the 1000H is hella-bright! I’ve been working fine on mine at 2 notches from minimum. On that setting, with Wi-Fi on all the time, I’m getting a little over 5 hours of run time.

1000H is dead silent. Have yet to hear the fan.

1000H is a fingerprint/scuff magnet. How is the finish on the Wind?

They really do seem to be almost identical machines…

Dave Zatz

Huh, I didn’t realize it came in black. Still looking forward to my Lenovo. Smaller battery and less memory, but $200 cheaper. By the way, Melissa digs your Fabio locks.


I had my mind set on an XP version of the Aspire One, but now you’re making me reconsider. It’s almost $200 more, but now I don’t know. Thanks a lot Kevin! :^)


The MSI Wind with the 6-cell battery looks a lot like the ASUS 1000H with a 6-cell. I was thinking that the MSI would look somehow sleeker than the ASUS, but they seem pretty similar to me.

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