It’s an omen: my MSI Wind might arrive a day early


FedextrackingmsiwindThe U.S. holiday weekend didn’t stop me from checking in on the FedEx tracking site for my MSI Wind with 6-cell battery. Of course, there were no updates over the weekend, but I didn’t want to turn in my "geek card" due to lack of checking. Lo and behold there’s potential good news from this morning’s last check: although the Wind isn’t due to arrive until tomorrow, it appears to have forced its way onto the FedEx truck for delivery today! Personally, I think the Google folks had a hand in this since I was just thinking about how Chrome will run on a netbook.



i hate to rub it in, by my 3-cell i ordered from amazon this past thursday is arriving today :)

i hope we both enjoy our new toys/tools, and I’m looking forward to the coming 1000H comparison.



Can’t wait to hear your first impressions of the Wind — particularly the keyboard and how hot it gets (or how cool it stays). There’s also been a lot online re: wifi problems, so I’m interested to hear your experience with that as well.


To my surprise, my tx2500z arrived this morning, three days early.

It was a Labor Day miracle.

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