How to compare browser memory footprints with Chrome


Like everyone else, I’m excited to try Chrome, Google’s new browser. My MSI Wind netbook arrived about an hour before the beta browser, but I have it up and running already. My initial thoughts on Chrome: impressive in terms of rendering performance, but not glitzy or glamorous. That’s OK, I’ll take functional over fashionable every time.

I was nosing around in Chrome and found that if you type about:memory in the Omnibar, it will show you all of the running Chrome processes along with the memory usage of each. That includes a breakout for plug-ins like Flash, although I don’t have any showing here. Very handy, but that’s not all. If you’re running another browser, this page will show you the overall memory usage of it as well, making for a nice comparison tool. As you can see, I only have Internet Explorer 7 running alongside of Chrome. I won’t make a judgment on which browser uses memory better, but I did open up the same tabs in each browser for this example. Again, way too early too tell, but this is a good sign… especially for netbooks with limited memory. The Intel Atom CPU isn’t breaking a sweat either…

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