Microsoft Joins the App Store Party


There have been apps available on Windows Mobile for as long as I can remember it being in existence. When I had a Dell Axiom PocketPC in 2003, not only was I the coolest kid on the block, but I also had plenty of applications at my fingertips. I put a lot of games and other programs on there, but it never really did what I wanted it to. Eventually, I gave up on it and sold it on eBay.

One of my big complaints was that it was hard to find trusted, reliable, and working programs for the Axiom. There were all kinds of different PocketPCs that ran Windows Mobile, but had different processors, different specs, and the differences were great enough that it was not really worth the time and effort if you didn’t understand what your PocketPC could run.

So, Microsoft, who has been in the game for many years, has finally decided to follow Apple’s lead and offer nearly all of the 18,000 programs that work with Windows Mobile through one store, which will supposedly be called “Skymarket” (which brings back eerie memories of flying and browsing through the overpriced junk in Sky Mall). It will debut Autumn 2009.

Reportedly, Apple is raking in about $1 million a day on the app store, so it is clearly an exciting idea for Microsoft to join the party. Apple’s success certainly makes the idea enticing to try. It is also very rewarding for the average consumer to go to one place to get all their apps for their device. It makes it much easier for the person who is just trying to look cool, like I was when I bought my Axiom.

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