Dell e5400 notebook now $679


Dell_e5400I just received an email flyer from Dell touting back-to-school deals on notebooks and other gear.  The deal that caught my eye was the one for the e5400, a 14.1-inch notebook that is now $679.  That special pricing is for the bare-bones configuration but it’s not too bad with a 2.0 GHz ULV processor, 1 GB of RAM, 80 GB HDD, WiFi (no Bluetooth) and a 6 cell battery.  You can always custom configure one at Dell but given that pricing of netbooks is inching up this e5400 deal is pretty sweet.




All I was saying for those whom travel a lot and/or go to school…

With everything else you carry, its nice to know that you have a tiny device to do most of the daily stuff you would normally do on your home computer and that’s why I believe the netbooks are a good idea.

Yes I realize your stand point on comparing it to doing one handed computing as opposed to laying on a table. I was simply stating the carrying it around in between computing.


I agree, GoodThings2Life. Size and weight are issues that matter, mainly, to regular travelers. If you spend the majority of your time tethered, you probably aren’t even considering a netbook.

With the kids starting school, this is an excellent time to be a computer shopper, especially if you’re fine with a mid to larger sized machine. I just scooped up an amazing deal on a highly specced Inspiron 13 this weekend.

Now that I think about it, I’m not quite sure what netbooks even have to do with this story.


If you want to talk about weight with a tablet that’s one thing or even ultra-portables sure, but seriously, what is the point of talking about it with a laptop that primarily is stationed on a desktop, table, or lap? Talk to me about weight when you spend your day holding it in one arm.

Anyway, this is a pretty good deal, even if you customize it with another 1GB of RAM.


I believe there’s one big picture that we’re all forgetting about these “Netbooks”…

Remember when we all use to say that those Sony Vaios (the 11″ and under sized one) we use to want one but we didn’t like the prices…

Well these Netbooks really give us a chance to have that portability size (forgoing the powerful CPU)

The Raon Digital Evernote sounds to be the best spec wise, just a matter of how it does in the real world even though the rumor is that the price is now up to $900

Seriously, aren’t we tired of lugging around a 4lbs and/or above laptop?

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