Google Ramps Up Madison Avenue Charm Offensive; Agency Reaction Remains Mixed

At best, Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) attempts to woo agencies and convince account teams that the search giant’s ad moves will not undercut them are getting mixed reviews, a NYT piece suggests. Of course, in some cases, almost nothing will soothe the ire of those like WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, who has only marginally softened his view of Google in recent months — that is, if you consider calling Google a “froe” instead of a “frenemy” is a sign of endearment.

The ad carnival comes to town: Over the course of a year, Google has formed a 40-person contingent charged with working some diplomatic magic with the agencies. The team’s goal is to coax agencies into getting their clients to purchase search ads, YouTube video spots, DoubleClick display ads and other Google products. And so, Google has dispatched the team in the form of a traveling agency show called [email protected], where Google demonstrates new products like its recently released Ad Planner. The presentations resemble the TV network upfronts of past years, with free food and prizes.

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A Trojan Horse: Peter Fader, a professor of marketing at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, tells NYT that he finds Google’s charm offensive particularly disingenuous.