2/8 Life Creators Partner With quarterlife


With the demise of SuperDeluxe earlier this year, there was one less video company vying to be the king of online comedy. The Independent Comedy Network (ICN.tv), a small outfit that had a minor hit last year with the quarterlife spoof 2/8 Life, is hoping it can survive where SuperDeluxe failed.

Funny thing about 2/8 Life is, while it only did 1.5 million total plays across all five episodes since February (which isn’t that much), one of the viewers was Marshall Herskovitz, creator of quarterlife. Rather then send a cease-and-desist letter, Herskovitz is now working with the ICN crew on a new series currently titled Your Name Here.

But will that little bit of success be enough to push ICN to the top of the comedy heap? Probably not. So the team is starting to work with ad agencies to identify brands that want to either sponsor shows or integrate their products into storylines to make more moolah.

I stopped by the ICN offices last week and met with CEO Marc Campbell and vice president of business development and strategy Daniel Granof to do a video interview and learn more about Your Name Here as well as how its new, advertiser-friendly approach will impact its ability to be funny.


Ned Canty

If nothing else, it proves he has a sense of humor about himself. His brand of navel gazing (which he does amazingly well) certainly sets itself up for multiple levels of mockery. Good to know he can see the joke.

Tim Street

I love it when people who could just do it themselves recognize talent and give them a chance.

Marshall Herskovitz should be applauded for reaching out to the little guys.

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