TypePad Mobile on the HTC Advantage



It is so great blogging on the HTC Advaantage.  Still no HDTV but the above is better than nothing (barely).  The Advantage camera is SO much better than the iPhone’s.  :)


Gavin Miller


Have you installed Activesync? Also, try running Windows Update, or even do a driver update and allow it to search online and it may download the HTC driver.

Dave Zack

My beef with Opera (and every other WinMobile browser I’ve used) is the lack of decent CSS and javascript support. Far too many sites simply don’t work on Opera because of this – something I was immediately reminded of today when I tried updating my OpenDNS settings from my Advantage this morning. The category filtering section failed to display on either Opera or PocketIE, and manually entering a domain name wouldn’t work because the buttons on the page were ‘dead’. Out of curiosity I tested the same page on my iPhone, and it worked perfectly.

I’ve always been a huge Windows Mobile fan, but until I used the iPhone I didn’t realize how much I’d grown to just accept and live with the browser limitations on these devices.

I’m a Microsoft SharePoint admin, and find it pathetically ironic that the first smartphone capable of working with SharePoint relatively well came from Apple instead of Microsoft.


I took a Tiger Wood on Obrian show photo last week on Digital TV broadcast. It is one of the best picture I’ve taken.

On a different subject:
I ran into “Unkonwn Device” on USB connect for Advantage on XP SP3 and the message pops up frequently. Google and HTC showed no info.

Any you Advantage users have answers? TIA.

James Kendrick

Dave, I’ve always found Opera Mobile 9.5 to be sweet on the Advantage. I’ve been surfing with it all day and it is very nice, especially given the 5-inch screen of the Advantage. It’s pretty close to Safari on the iPhone.

Dave Zack

No doubt about it, the advantage is a great device. But after a couple of months of using Safari on the iphone, I realize just how awful Opera is on Windows Mobile. Sure it beats PocketIE, but that isn’t saying much. I charged up my advantage this morning just for the heck of it, and 10 minutes with Opera has me ready to put the device back in the drawer. The boys in Redmond had better pull some magic out of their hats with Windows Mobile 7. There’s simply no excuse for failing to include a usable web browser after six major releases to the OS. Other than that whole “lack of competition allowing them to sit around on their thumbs” thing of course.


Hey James – a pair of those little pocket binoculars will transform that picture into a 64 inch widescreen…

Gavin Miller

You Apple fanboi you, why must you always…..oh…wait a minute….


I’m still a big fan of the Advantage as a portable device. Autofocus does make a big difference, especially for Evernote article/document snaps.

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