TAB Mobile Site Available


I hope all of you are having a glorious un-labor day and doing nothing but reading through all the past 2,100+ articles here on The Apple Blog. What? You’re not doing that? That’s unfortunate.

At any rate, if you aren’t doing that, you should definitely check out the new mobile version of The Apple Blog!

Just go to on your mobile device and bask in the gloriousness of simplified article browsing.

If you have any problems with it, let me know. Enjoy!



iPhone-optimized sites should be welcomed and applauded, if only to reduce the time spent waiting for ad banners to load and avoid seeing GIFs flashing around. Jobs was right to veto out Flash – its downright annoying!!!

Josh Pigford

Thanks for the feedback Frank. I assume you’re volunteering to write for TAB to help us increase our frequency of posting? :)

And for what it’s worth, the mobile stuff took all of about 5 minutes. Plus, you’re still free to go to in a mobile browser without getting the mobile version of the site. We don’t force you to go to But I’m guessing that’s not really the issue here now is it. :)


Maybe it would be worthwhile if you guys posted more than 3 things a week. I mean, come on. The point of the iPhone browser is to NOT scale back sites. The only reason a blog or site should make a mobile version of itself, is if their are simply too many posts to wait to load. As not the case with TAB, it seems as though you guys are spending your time on as apposed to writing relevant information that we can read.

Gee wiz, thanx.

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