Navigaya: The Strangest Browser

ScreenshotThere are a lot of browsers out there beyond the few that most people code for. The most recent one I’ve run into is Navigaya, which might better be described as a Flash-based browser experience for those addicted to sensory assault. When you visit the Navigaya site (use full-screen for hte best experience), it starts playing music videos from a customizable playlist as wallpaper. In front of that, you can run a search (and see results from multiple engines at one) or browse the web.

While all that’s going on, you can explore the various menus and shortcuts that Navigaya has to chunks of web. These are customizable with your own links too, but the starting set is a good portal to many common sites, categorized into areas like “maps” or “fashion”. Their Category menu gives you browsable news from many sources at once, with headlines and videos as well. All in all, it’s a surprisingly engaging way to explore the web, though I don’t know that I’d try to use it when I wanted to get serious work done.