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Google Chrome is Coming

Google on Google Chrome - comic book - Page 26 - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2008070206)There have been persistent – and reasonably credible – rumors that Google was going to release its own browser. Now, thanks to Google Blogoscoped, we have some additional evidence: a 38-page comic book sent out by Google to announce the Google Chrome project.

The comic runs through a bunch of interesting features: process-isolated tabs, a new Javascript engine tuned for large, complex applications (like, oh, GMail), UI innovations, an “Omnibox” that resembles Firefox’s “Awesome bar”, and more. The new browser is supposedly built on top of the Webkit rendering engine. Although this could be a (very elaborate) hoax, I’m inclined to believe it’s for real: the URL for Google Chrome is returning a custom 404 page, rather than the one Google uses for random words. I’m sure I won’t be the only web worker hoping to see a release here sooner rather than later.

10 Responses to “Google Chrome is Coming”

  1. Sadly FireFox will be the loser here. IE is and for the next near future years will hold the lead, until Windows is no longer the main OS in industry. This is Google’s way to start staking their domination of the web, and I mean that in all honesty, I am growing wary of them as they seem to be more and more monolithic in their over taking of the largest medium in the world.

    I am outside the pot, watching it slowly come to a boil, and all my little frog friends just keep belching out the same story, MS is evil, yeah Google! People really need to wake up. Since the web is unregulated, and we are supposed to be self policing, maybe it’s time to quit drinking so much of the kool-aid, just look at the MAtt Cutts Cult to see where we are headed…