T-Mobile opens up WiFi hotspots in Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Gustav

Tmobile_logoIt’s always good to see companies step up in times of need and T-Mobile is doing just that with Hurricane Gustav threatening the Gulf Coast.  To aid those in the affected areas T-Mobile is opening up their WiFi hotspots so that connectivity can be maintained.  Hotspots can be accessed free of charge at T-Mobile serviced locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Texas Gulf Coast, including Houston.  This is great to see and kudos to T-Mobile for stepping up as Gustav has all the ingredients to make a massive impact on the Gulf Coast area.  WiFi hotspots can often be used when standard phone service is impacted to provide communications needed by those affected.  Note that you do NOT need to be a T-mobile customer to access the network while this is in effect.  You can read the press release here.

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