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Indiatimes Launches Local Search On WAP And SMS

Indiatimes has launched a local search service in partnership with OnYoMo reports Pluggdin. The service can be accessed via Indiatimes’s wap portal as well as via SMS (ASK to 58888). I tried out the SMS search service with the query “Wall E Bandra” and was instead provided with results pointing me to local bars. What’s worse is that there are no pointers to filter your search or options to help you do the same in the response message to your query. The search on the WAP site, in a twisted sense of on-deck bonhomie, doesn’t function unless you access it via GPRS, and still worse, doesn’t detect the iPhone, once you do. Maybe 58888 might do better by leveraging their operator relationships and pan-operator shortcode configuration by taking the service on voice. But then again, at Rs 6.99 per minute a drink instead of a movie is just what I might need.

6 Responses to “Indiatimes Launches Local Search On WAP And SMS”

  1. Local search is something which is considered a hotcake by our internet players these days. I just hope it opens up more choices, than just to produce hypes.

    Ram, public domain information can never be copyrighted.

    OnYoMo had something to offer, but if Ram is right about the second part of his comment, then its the end.

  2. I doubt anyone can copyright listings, they are just addresses and numbers which belong in the public domain, except, in this case, have been aggregated. While the method of aggregation or what makes it tick under the hood can be patented, the data itself can't.

    Thanks for the tip on Onyomo =)

  3. As I have heard these guys, including many other so called "local search engines" startups in India have copy pasted the data from various websites like Just Dial, Infomedia etc. It a copyright bomb waiting to go off.

    Also the inside story is that all other co-founders of Onyomo have left the company including the key technology/product persons. So do not expect any miracles with the search quality.