Netbook weigh-in: MSI Wind vs. Asus Eee PC 1000H


ScaleI had a nice e-mail chat with reader Michael Connick this morning regarding the MSI Wind that I should be receiving next week. Michael recently upgraded from an Asus Eee PC 900 model to the 1000H, which spec-for-spec is the near-equivalent of the Wind. I had alluded to the MSI Wind weighing about a half-pound less but Michael mentioned that he thought the weight difference was only .2-pounds between the two. Hmm…. time for a little investigation!

I turned to LAPTOP Magazine, since they reviewed both in recent months. Browsing through the MSI Wind review confirms what I wrote: the notebook weighs 2.6-pounds. Checking in on the Asus Eee PC 1000H review shows a weight of 3.2-pounds. That’s where I came up with the Wind being about a half-pound lighter. Still, I’m glad I looked into this because there’s a bit more to uncover.

When you factor in the AC adapter of each, the story changes quite a bit. The MSI Wind with AC adapter adds 3.4-pounds to your gadget bag. Asus clearly went with a smaller, lighter AC adapter, because that package comes to 3.6-pounds, or a .2-pound difference. In a sense, Michael was correct in terms of the weight difference: folks that carry an AC adapter with either of these devices will see the weight advantage of the MSI Wind nearly negated. I’m much more inclined to leave the AC adapter home, regardless of the device I carry, so I’m still sticking with my MSI Wind purchase. Aside from the lighter weight, I prefer the keyboard layout on the Wind over the Eee PC line. Regardless: good point Michael, and thanks for the heads up observation! Detailed info like this can go a long way towards helping consumers make purchases based on their own needs, so thanks!


Mark Smith

I have an Eee 900 which I’ll be keeping for the really good Linux software. For a windows notebook I’m looking to purchase a Lenovo Ideapad S10. The design looks really good, plus it’s weight’s suppose to about 900 grams. Looking forward to that being my primary laptop for business work.

Brian Goodwin

Skip the harddrive and get the SSD version of the ASUS Eee 1000 and total travel weight with charger is LESS than the MSI combo, and battery life stretches to 30min more than the 6 cell MSI, and the SSD version of the 1000 boots up 12 seconds faster… The downside is extra cost but worth it for the advantages.

Javier Mazuelas

Hi from Madrid ( Spain ) to everyone; i´m sure that only 2 pounds doesn´t matter at all, what i look in a netbook is to carry it with me all day at town, from office to clients, and so on. No need to carry the AC adapter with me all days, so i choose the MSI Wind without any doubt. Only a 6 cell battery really make a difference to change the election of my 2nd netbook someday.

Kevin C. Tofel

Steve, we’re comparing apples to apple in this post, i.e.; both devices with a 6-cell battery, which is what I ordered. I’m expecting between 5 and 5.5 hours of run-time.

Steve Paine

Mmm. With 2.hrs battery life on the base Wind, you might want to think about that adaptor!
On my recent trip to the US with the wind, i had tgo takethe adaptor everywhere with me. Michael has a good point.

Thumbing on the 800gm (1.8lb) SC3 ;-)

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