Ubuntu Netbook Remix: the movie


With all of the netbook talk these days, it’s no surprise that we’re also talking about various Linux distros. While many netbooks are offered with Windows XP, most are offered in a lower-priced, and sometimes lower-spec’d Linux version. I often get reader e-mails asking how Ubuntu works on this device or that device, so I wanted to point out this screencast of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It’s not terribly exciting or anything, but it shows where the Canonical team is heading on the netbook front. The "remix" isn’t a new Ubuntu edition; it’s simply a revamp of the current Ubuntu build (8.04) that’s optimized for the attributes of a small-screen, lower powered notebook and it includes the basic apps most folks need to get started.

Folks that are comfortable in the Linux world can grab and install the packages needed to give this a try, but it’s still a work in progress. Although my Linux experience isn’t vast by any means, after using Xandros, Linpus and Ubuntu, I’m finding I much prefer the latter. There’s a bit of personal preference involved, so I’m not condemning any distros here. But I would like to see some type of standardization on the Linux netbook front. While choice and personalization are great features in personal computing, you don’t want a new interface and learning curve with each new purchase. I thought that the Moblin project would help in that area, but I see that effort focusing more on MIDs and less on netbooks.


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