Sync your iTunes music, playlists and podcasts with your cell phone

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Salling Media Sync (SMS) has been released which will sync your non-DRM iTunes music to supported cell phones.  SMS will sync not only music but playlists and podcasts too.  The list of supported phones covers many from Nokia, Sony and Sony Ericsson.  The program has a totally free version although a paid ($22) version offers faster incremental syncs.  The program is available in both Mac and Windows versions so they have you covered on that front too.  Now you non-iPhones folks can play with iTunes too, although not that pesky DRM protected stuff.


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Alan A. Reiter

Hi James,

RIM recently released iTunes sync software. It seems to work okay, and you can create a specific playlist for the phone. Or you can just check off the categories, such as music, podcasts, etc.

It, too, doesn’t allow music purchased via iTunes (which is why I purchase my music from Amazon). Alas, the software also doesn’t delete files on iTunes that you delete on the phone — an Apple “philosophy.”

I have an 8GB microSD in the Bold. It works fine, but it takes a LONG time for the Bold to scan the card after every sync. (Perhaps a Bold OS update will improve the scanning speed in the future.)

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