Sony Ericsson can’t release the Xperia X1 due to Windows Mobile problems


X1_portraitSince the first information came out on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 the phone has been eagerly awaited.  SE originally said it would be released in the second half of this year although rumors have been circulating that something was delaying the launch.  The Register is reporting from Berlin that a Sony Ericsson representative is saying that the X1 will debut in January of next year and that Windows Mobile 6.1 is the reason it’s not shipping now.

“Windows 6.1 isn’t functioning properly on the Xperia X1,” he admitted.

That’s a significant public statement for a manufacturer so let’s hope that SE gets past whatever problems they are having and gets that puppy in our hands.  Note that other phones are shipping with WM 6.1 so maybe SE should talk to the other guys to get this working.



James, don’t listen to that individual. Your website exists for people like us who enjoy reading it, not him.

I’ve given up on the Xperia, I was going to buy one because I have to stick with windows mobile but various websites mention that the keyboard is unusable while the HTC Touch Diamond is just fine. Strange because HTC manufactures both devices. So just buy the Diamond, there is no need for the Xperia. Poor Sony Ericsson. They might eventually fold like Motorola.

Bob Russell

Not sure why anyone would think that two Microsoft MVPs are going to be anti-MS to the point of distortion. In fact, JkOnTheRun has been consistently and remarkably open and unbiased about what they share.

As far as the device and WinMo 6.1, I wonder if the problems don’t mostly have to do with the unusual screen configuration. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been any WinMo device ever released with that resolution. (But I’m glad to see it!)


Ha! Another software screw up from HTC? Just like the Tytn II / Touch / …
Sounds more like HTC is trying to do the same thing they did with their own phones before (not releasing proper drivers for the hardware) and SE is not taking it.
Could that be what is going on?


Definitely has to be a SE issue, I’d love to know what the engineered into the design that is clashing with the OS

James Kendrick

Jake, there is no anti-MS bias going on here I can tell you. I will however always report accurately how things work for me no matter what. I like a lot of things MS and there is far more content here to that affect than otherwise. But I’m not going to shut up when I think things should work better, that’s not being honest.

As for the headline on this post, it is totally accurate. A major handset maker stated that publicly and that’s big news no matter how “anti-MS” you interpret it. I use WM 6.1 on a number of devices and like it but that doesn’t change that this guy at Sony Ericsson stated that it doesn’t work on the X1, a hotly awaited phone.


Jake, you might want to tell MS, so they don’t bother to award the MVP title upon these guys!?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the headline.


Good headline. Considering the fact that, as you said, everybody else has no problems installing WinMo on their phones doesn’t it seem more likely that the problem has more to do with Sony Ericsson than WinMo?

JKOnTheRun is getting less interesting day by day and it’s mostly down to this anti-MS bias that has been getting worse and worse.


You had me at “Windows 6.1 isn’t functioning properly”


It is not a surprise that SE delays its X1 launch again. Their record goes way back to P800 and 2 years delay for P910i. I personally don’t find “Panels” interesting since its just several desktop themes for me. The only advantage over HTC Touch Flo 3D is its consumer exchangable. It may get slightly more interesting if later they allow users to purchase new panels.

I’m sorry to say this but SE is not doing anything for Symbian UIQ. Besides, their first WM device may be outdated after aggressive promotion from HTC.

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