Netbook debuts in new Olympic sport: keyboard trampoline [Updated]

AmiloIf you got all hot and bothered over the new Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Mini announcement earlier this week, this might cool your jets a little. Team Engadget got some hands-on playtime and says the "keyboard flexes like a trampoline." Unless said keyboard is part of the Olympic team for doing backflips on taut canvas, that’s not a quality we like to see. Or feel for that matter. Note to netbook makers: the keyboard has to be usable and effective… if it’s not, just save us all some grief and make your device a slate. ‘k?

The gang wasn’t too thrilled with the mouse buttons on the side of the trackpad either. After using a similar configuration on the Acer Aspire One, I tend to agree, but with a little patience and brain re-mapping, just about anyone can get used to that. I added some electric shock therapy and while I don’t recommend that for everyone, it worked pretty quickly for me. What’s with the bottom part of those mouse buttons though… was there really a need to angle them in and reduce the already small amount of surface area? Uh oh… shouldn’t have said that… I feel another shock coming on…BZZZTT!

Update: I’m not sure if IOC stepped in here or not, but LAPTOP Magazine indicates that the Amilo won’t be somersaulting across the pond. No plans for the U.S. although they "do intend to offer a product in this class in the future."


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