iPhone Life magazine launches


Iphone_life_coveriPhone Life is a print magazine launching in early September by the former publishers of Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine, Thaddeus Computing.

Available by subscription and on newsstands nationwide

iPhone Life magazine hits the newsstands on September 9, chock full of  news, reviews, and tips for both consumers and enterprise users.

Published by Thaddeus Computing, iPhone Life is riding the wave of the  extraordinary popularity of this innovative and easy-to-use phone.

“People are excited about the iPhone and iPod touch for good reason,” says  publisher Hal Goldstein. “TheiPhone’s vibrant screen, its fun intuitive interface, powerful Safaribrowser, automatic updates, and app store brilliantly solve many of theproblems inherent in handheld computing. The iPhone is  changing the way people use their phones, and we’re here to help them get the  most out of it.”

News, Reviews, Profiles, Tips, How-to’s, and More

The 100-page premier issue includes:

• Full coverage of the new 3G iPhone
• Top software from the iTunes store
• 85 hidden features
• Best FREE software and web apps
• How to Rip DVDs
• Must-have accessories
• Safari surprises
• iPhone profiles of a doctor, rabbi, student, mayor, CEO
• Celebrities who have iPhones

Regular departments include profiles of people who have integratedthe iPhone into their life, articles telling users how to get the mostout of their iPhone, resources available on the Internet such as freesoftware and support, and more.

Available in Stores Nationwide and Via Subscription

iPhone Life magazine, from the publisher of Smartphone& Pocket PC magazine, is available at airports, Barnes & Noble,Borders, Wal-Mart, and other major booksellers and stores nationwide.

iPhone and iPod touch users can subscribe for $25 to receive allissues through 2010. This includes the premier issue and at least 4issues in 2009 and in 2010, plus a digital version of each issuereadable on the iPhone. See www.Smartphonemag.com/2010.

Thaddeus Computing has been publishing mobile technology newsletters and  magazines since 1985, most recently Pocket PC magazine and Smartphone  & Pocket PC magazine.


Jamie Poster

Hi James,
Marketing and WinMo aside for a sec, I wanted to mention that a couple of the main articles in that issue were written by one of my (other) favorite bloggers, Dan Cohen, of http://www.whatsoniphone.com
It’s good stuff!


I agree with Robt, it is fairly telling.

Brand awareness and marketing in general are powerful things.


I do not know about life revolving around the iPhone but the fact that they can make a much better financial case for a magazine revolving around it, is fairly telling.


So pretty much they have the advertising support and financial fluff to do this magazine but not cover the pocket pc?

I didn’t know life revolved around the iPhone…

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