iPhone, iPod Touch eReader 1.2 offers full-screen for text

Ereader12Huzzah! We had just finished recording this week’s podcast late last night when I saw an update for eReader on my iPhone. Version 1.2 hit last night and it addresses one of my biggest niggles. Up to now, some precious screen space was wasted by the book title at the top of every page. That goes away in this version, giving you another few lines of text on the screen. A quick of tap of the screen brings up the title and a new slider control so you can navigate to any page. (shown)

That bit isn’t so hot just yet; the four-volume Star Wars title I’m reading has over 4,400 pages so even just a little slide moves me at least 100 pages. There’s still some work to be done there, but it’s step in the right direction. For now, I’m happy to just get an extra two or three lines of text before swiping to the next page. Folks that liked having the top iPhone menu bar that shows your signal strength, carrier logo and clock should note: that goes away with this version until you tap the screen.

OK, time to stop eBook reading and start mixing that podcast. The long weekend approaches and I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer you something to listen to.

Update: to better illustrate what content looks like in the new version, here’s a pic I snapped around midnight last night. Note: at that point, eReader was still creating the "pages" for my content, hence the blue status bar at the bottom. That’s not visible once the client completes the page creation. Oh, and if you had any doubts about how ruthless those Sith characters really are, this ought to alleviate that notion. ;)



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