Evite invites social butterflies to Dial Directions


I’ve covered Dial Directions in the past; it’s a useful mobile service that offers directions to you over your phone. You don’t need a smartphone or GPS-enabled handset, you simply call the automated service, speak your location and destination and you quickly recieve a text message with turn-by-turn directions. But with so many great directional services out there, how can Dial Directions stand out from the crowd? Partner up with other services, of course.

Evite is one of those new partners and this partnership sounds inviting to me. Barb and I often get Evite invitations to various social functions and typically, they’re held at places we’ve never been. We have no lack of map options available, but new Evites include a method to send the invitation info to your phone via text. In the text is a phone number to Dial Directions; tap it to connect, speak your starting location and you’ll receive a text with directions to the event. Check it in the vid above… but watch your sound settings. For some reason the narration sound level is much lower than the Dial Directions level… it nearly knocked me out of my chair!

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