A Tour of Tom Green’s Home Studio


The thing that strikes you about meeting Tom Green is how…polite he is. The same guy who walked around interviewing people with a piece of poo on a microphone apologized to us (repeatedly) for being late to our 9:30 a.m. tour of his studio and offered to make us coffee. From his coffeemaker. Which is in his kitchen. Which is in his house. Which is where we were standing.

Tom Green rocketed to fame in the 90s through his guerrilla-style comedy antics on MTV. Like so many other MTV-manufactured stars, his star wattage dimmed, but Green has reinvented himself for the web age, literally transforming his Hollywood house into a talk show set and full production studio (it’s pretty amazing).

Tom Green’s House Tonight is broadcast live from his living room every night — well, almost every night. Green admits that the schedule is somewhat erratic and dependent on when they can get guests to arrive, which adversely affects the size of the audience that tunes in live. But according to Green, his show is doing 1-2 million downloads a month.

The show’s on hiatus for the next few weeks as Green hosts a game show for an oldteevee network and works on getting a major sponsor to fund his program. It was in this downtime that we were able to stop by his home for a visit and get a video tour (embedded above) to see how this two-man production studio makes the show happen.


Jonny Home

I really liked Tom Green back in the day and I actually thought Freddy Got Fingered was genius so I’m glad to see he’s still doing his thing.

His studio is quite cool.

Jeremy Campbell

I love what Tom is doing, and that he believes in the web video industry enough to invest a significant amount of his time and capital into producing his own content, creating his own partnerships, and promoting it to become successful as we enter this exciting newteevee evolution.


Hey :)

Thanks for the insight Tom

I am studying New Media at university, one day when I have finished studying, my dream is to have a studio in my house just like you.

You can catch me on Viddler and Youtube, I have been practicing one day maybe I will have my own web-o-vision show too :)

Hope to get to talk to you on Skype some time

Thanks again

-lukeb3000 :)

Eric Susch

Tom’s studio was a little more old school than I expected, especially after seeing Leo Laporte’s minimalist setup at the New Media Expo. What Tom does is amazing. The surrealism of a TV talk show in his living room fits right in with his meta comedy. Rupert Pupkin is smiling.


It actually is pretty cool what he is doing there at tomgreen.com. I also like the street segments where he went live to air out of an RV traveling throughout the US…

Steve Woolf

This was great to see. He doesn’t get much credit for it, but Tom Green has definitely been pioneering the live show format on the web for years now.

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