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Toyota Puts Tesla, Fisker & Volt on “Death Watch”: Bill Reinert, a Toyota technology manager and antagonist in Who Killed the Electric Car?, said that some at Toyota have started a “death watch” on the Tesla Model S, Fisker Karma and Chevy Volt. A bit morbid, but then again, so are weGreentech Media.

$5M Green Energy Job Training Center Dedicated: The Marshall Training Center will train 2,000 utility employees a year to “meet the challenges of the 21st century, including service to a growing renewable energy market” – Press Release.

Texas Approves $2.3B Biomass Energy Deal: The Austin City Council unanimously approved a $2.3 billion contract for 20 years of power from a 100-megawatt biomass plant operated by Nacogdoches Power LLC – American Statesman.

China Suspends Coal-to-Oil Projects: China has ordered a halt to all but two of its coal-to-oil projects amid high coal prices, short supplies, water concerns and mass blackouts – Reuters.

U.S., Australia, Iceland Partner for Geothermal: The U.S., Australia and Iceland have formed the International Partnership for Geothermal Technology, designed to foster and promote enhanced geothermal systems – Green Car Congress.

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