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QuarkBase : Everything about a Website - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2008070206)Newly-launched QuarkBase makes the somewhat grandiose claim of providing “everything about a website.” But it turns out that this mashup of various information into a single (extensive) page actually does a pretty good job of delivering on that claim. It’s as easy to use as you could hope: jsut enter a URL and hit the search button. Quarkbase will go out to a bunch of services and pull together information to help you get an overview of the site’s purpose, traffic, and importance.

Among other things, you’ll get a snapshot of the current site, links to related and similar sites, popularity measurements based on social web tracking, del.icio.us bookmarks, traffic from Alexa, and mentions in other blogs and on Twitter. There are a few areas that could stand improvement – for example, tweets aren’t linked, and the technical info isn’t as deep as that provided by, say, Netcraft’s page. But overall, it’s a fast way to get a birds-eye view of any site on the web.



Hi Christian,

This is Remy from quarkbase.com …

We currently don’t have a database of website information. Its getting generated as in when people are requesting. So it does not matter whether its google.com or Australia’s automotive site. They are all are same for quarkbase.com

Can you please try again now… the system is working normal now and rarely gives ‘system overload’.


Our system is under heavy traffic and we have stumbled upon this website for the first time. Please try again later.

Interesting considering the site entered is one of the biggest automotive sites in Australia.

Michael Thompson

Our site’s traffic information is a bit off, but overall I’m very impressed with this site.

You guys have done a great job, Remy, and I can’t wait to see how this site improves over the next several months.


Unfortunately, system overload is preventing it from doing whatever its thing is.


Thanks for the article. Tweets aren’t linked because at Twitturly links are not normalized so there is no single page of a url.

Regarding technical section. We did built a lot more than what you have seen. But unfortunately we have to pull major part of it due to lot of technical issues for time being.

Also we do use a lot of API/Feeds but there are a lot of algorithms and crawling to extract information from the site and Internet.

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