Palm Treo Pro reviews abound; general verdict: sweet!


PalmtreoproWhile nobody has mentioned the word "revolutionary" in their Palm Treo Pro reviews, the overall consensus seems pretty positive for this $549, unlocked GSM handset running Windows Mobile 6.1. While geared towards the enterprise, I could see some power-users drop the coin for this unit. Here’s a run-down of various opinions:

  • Gizmodo: "The feature that deserves the most mention is the redesign—because it’s beautiful."
  • Mobile Devices Today: "Palm’s out of box experience is a leap forward and dare I say, on parwith that of Apple’s (no surprise since Apple hardware alum JonRubinstein is now at Palm)."
  • The Mobile Gadgeteer: "I was a bit surprised to see this device, rather than a GSM version ofthe Palm Treo 800w, but I do like the thinness of the device. I wishthe more standard Treo keyboard was used though since I tend to like itbetter than the Centro-like keyboard."
  • CrunchGear: "I’m still not in love with the Centro and the 800w was ho-hum but thepeppy processor and attractive styling of the Pro made me rethink mymisdirected anger."

All of the reviews are good reads if you’re in the market for a new GSM smartphone. Questions still surround the actual design of the unit; it’s a given that HTC produces it, but some are questioning if they designed it as well. My own thought: it was likely a collaborative effort between the two, given the Centro-like keyboard and the fact that Palm is essentially a hardware company at this point. At least until they roll that new OS out the door next year. Based on the reviews of the Treo Pro and the success of the Centro, this might give Palm a little more breathing room on that project.



Do you know what is the size of the screen? The specs have listed a 320 x 320 resolution, but no screen size. Seems like a sweet device. I wonder how it compares to the iPaq 900 series…


Its nice to see Palm score a potential goal here and following up the Centro too. I do not have a lot of faith in yet another Phone OS for Palm, but as hardware company things seem to be looking up.

There is some opportunity like HTC has done, in making WM better and more iPhone-like. Such customization could be great for the Windows Mobile ecosystem, until WM7 arrives and possibly beyond.

If Microsoft misses WM7 for Christmas 2009, woe to them because it might not be recoverable. That could end WM in the consumer space at least.

Apple’s momentum and RIM’s enterprise share may be unstoppable.

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