jkOnTheRun video- Richard Solo Backup Battery for iPhone/ iPod Touch


I have been using the Richard Solo Backup Battery for the iPhone/ iPod Touch for weeks now and it is one of my most useful accessories.  The Backup Battery will supply a 70% charge to my iPhone 3G in a short period.  In this video I show the battery and the charger to show how small they are.  I show the Backup Battery in use with the iPhone and explain why it is a good solution for me.  Enjoy the show.




I got the Kensington Mini battery back in June for $32 on an Amazon Gold Box Special and I’ve been tickled pink with it. The major difference I can see is the battery gauge: it has one. I also like the width matching the iPhone instead of having it be longer and narrower like the solo battery.

When used as a mini-USB charger it charges the iPhone first then switches to charging itself.

And while solo says they’re the only aluminum cased iPhone battery, it’s in aluminum and has survived my pockets with no nicks or scratches.

Plus if you Google for it you can generally find it for the $3x price range and in stock (the solo is currently out of stock.)

Jeff K

Did they ever solve the problem of the battery and the iPhone 3G not both charging together?



Nice review… That iPhone looks HUGE in the video due to the “perspective” influence. If I thought the iPhone was as big as your head, I would never have purchased! :)

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