eReader, Mobipocket appear on SoriBOOK B60 eInk device


EreaderoneinkYup, that’s my favorite eBook reader shown on an eInk device. eGads, I like it! MobileRead shares this first look at the SoriBOOK B60 hardware that’s currently under development. The reader runs on Windows CE and offers a 6-inch touch-screen in case you want to feel the pages, like a real, live book.

SoriBOOK has already sold this device in limited quantities in Korea based on the product page. Google Translate says they’ve sold three car reservations, so either something is lost in translation or there are selling out of someone’s trunk. ;) Looks to be 369,000 Won, which equates to around $341 US and I think I’d pay that for a dedicated eBook reader. That’s assuming I could install eReader and Mobipocket like some enterprising folks are doing.



well, i read this posting during web browsing, and write some info about soribook b60. I heard this machine will be sold at KRW 290,000 ($1 = KRW 1200 currently then about $242), unfortunately it will be sold in limited quantity, and overseas sale is not considered officially however Korean who living abroad it could be sold. (ie. if you can write korean then you can buy this).
Soribook is WinCE base and with little effort is added then PPC program can be run. I expect eReader and mobipocket is available on B60. (I heard mobipocket ppc reader is tested and working fine!) I also waiting release of b60 (I’m in here Korea!), however release is delayed for 3 months… B60 doesn’t support wifi and there are no support on commercial ebook store, but lots of PPC program can be run thus, so I think who has ereader and mobipocket ebooks, this will be the best solution.


This is very nice. Now if they can get on the Kindle and the sony reader then we are set.

Steve P.

Hi JK,

Actually we had no inkling (no pun intended) of this device until we read about it on your blog… it looks to me like it must run WinCE and so no porting work was required, but I’m just guessing. I think that was possible only because it has a touch screen. Without the touch screen e-ink devices require jog-dial type interfaces and therefore usually would need tweaks to get apps working.

-Steve P.

borax99 (Alain C.)

Well, it’s a start. I am pinning my hopes on the 6-inch Astak Mentor with ereader – if it ever materializes…

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