'Cleantech for Obama' Group Starts Rallying


This week’s Democratic National Convention could go down in history as the one with the most mentions of green and clean technology. In attendance were members of the newly formed group Cleantech for Obama, which was created to help rally the cleantech community behind Barack Obama, and spearhead fundraising.

Several national co-chairs of the organization, including Sunil Paul, Jason Scott, Josh Becker, Aimee Christensen, Jeff Anderson and Andrew Beebe, helped host a reception near the convention center in Denver on Tuesday afternoon. Carol Browner, former EPA administrator and Albright Group principal, who is an Honorary Co-Chair of the Cleantech for Obama organization, was signed up as a “special guest” at the event.

But the DNC appears to be just a low-profile warm-up for Clean Tech for Obama. Next Wednesday, Sept. 3, the group plans to hold a launch event in downtown San Francisco, called the “CT4O” (Cleantech 4 Obama) Thoughtraiser, dubbed a “townhall-style dialogue.” The lineup plans to include introductory remarks from Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, and speeches from Google’s Dan Reicher; green collar job advocate Van Jones; UC Berkeley energy researcher Dan Kammen; Steve Westly, former California State Comptroller and Managing Partner of the Westly Group; and Heather Zichal, Energy and Environmental Policy Staff Adviser for the Obama Campaign.

The upcoming event, along with the rousing endorsement speech by Nth Power investor Nancy Floyd at the DNC this week, shows just how high-profile cleantech has become in political circles. With the high prices of gas and concerns over global warming hitting the news at the same time as the election cycle, politics has been swept up by a variety of energy plans from well-known politicians.

Obama’s comprehensive strategy to tackle carbon emissions is the hands-down favorite of the cleantech crowd — his campaign has grabbed donations from cleantech investors 6 to 1 over McCain. And as of yesterday he now has the added clout of his official vice president choice, Joe Biden, who has been pushing for climate change and energy legislation for decades.


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