3 Top Open Source CRM Solutions


If you and web workers you collaborate with have been considering using customer relationship management (CRM) software, it makes sense to look not just at proprietary solutionis such as Salesforce.com, but at open source solutions. Open source CRM solutions are now very competitive with proprietary alternatives. Over on the OStatic blog, we just rounded up some good tools to consider.

If you’re unfamiliar with SugarCRM, it’s considered by many people to be the best open source CRM product. In fact, it was recently named best open source CRM technology by CRM Magazine.

SugarCRM supports sales force automation, marketing campaigns, support cases, project management, calendaring and more. It also works with both MySQL and SQLServer.

Concursive’s ConcourseSuite 5.0 is offering free CRM for up to 100 users as a promotion at the moment. You can find a case study on the suite’s capabilities midway down the page here.

Finally, I’ve written about SplendidCRM before.  It’s hosted on the web and based on both SugarCRM and Microsoft’s .Net framework. I particularly like its charting features, which you can annotate in many ways.

For more on these CRM solutions, check the OStatic story.  If you’re leaning toward trying SugarCRM, this TWiT podcast also has some good input on it, and the online demos are worth watching.


Dennis Mwebia

I like SugarCRM because of its great functionalities. I’ve been considering it for customization. Easy to undersatnd and implement. Kuddos!


Another CRM worth taking a look at is intelecrm, a web based CRM built on an open source as well provided by Intelestream, it was developed with small and medium sized companies in mind. The unique pricing model provides a flat fee for unlimited users. An additional whitepaper that compares several of the large contenders can be read at Intelestream web page, whitepaper section.


CRM is essential for small businesses, but it is important to carefully select your CRM partner. This blog article “Don’t Make a CRM Buying Mistake : 7 Points to Consider Before Selecting Your CRM Solution” has advice on selecting a CRM solution. » Commence CRM Blog http://bit.ly/8d8LU6

Kathy R

Just download a free CRM called HoudiniESQ. You can install it on a laptop or install it on a dedicated server. It provides secure web access regardless of where you install it. You can even sign up for a SaaS version. It is primarily used by law firms but that is a major benefit since practice management systems used by law firms are really just a CRM on steroids. This product has probably the best UI I have ever seen in a web based product. The user experience top shelf. http://HoudiniESQ.com

Why do most CRMs look like they are stuck in the early 90s. No innovation. The same old stuff repackaged by everyone. I think this is different. Tightly integrate all my information in one place. Documents, Email, To-Dos, notes, etc.

The reason there are hundreds of open source CRMs is they are easy to create and all share the same basic open source. Crap in crap out.


Before investing in a CRM package, open source or commercial, I recommend this Forrester white paper which discusses the importance of setting clear CRM objectives and establishing the right metrics.


The one gripe I have about SugarCRM is that it can some serious overkill depending on what you need. Yes, it’s good, it’s really good, in fact. But, if your a one man shop or a small team of two or three, then it’s most likely going to be overkill for what your looking for.


Never Heard of SugarCRM. I think everyone should take time to look at all the CRM options available. Performance is key and speed on the system is very important. Also you want ease on running the system. Kaleidico far exceeds the expectations of the list of these CRMS and should be looked at. Take a look for yourself.


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