Walk your way to a full battery

Externalcharger_usbsmallerMobile phone battery life is always on our minds as there is nothing worse than running out of juice at that moment you need to make that important phone call.  You can take an extra battery with you (unless you have an iPhone) but you never seems to run out when you have the spare with you.  That’s the scenario that M2E Power hopes to address with their newly announced technology that converts movement into juice for your phone.  Their power solution sounds unique as it converts six hours of normal movement into one hour of talk time for most phones.  That means you just throw the generator in your bag and go about your business and run your phone from the movement alone.  That’s pretty unique and as Katie Fehrenbacher of GigaOM points out this could be a big boon for countries that have a poor power grid.  Many of those countries are now seeing a boom in cell phone adoption so these folks at M2E may be onto something significant here.


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