UTStarcom, HTC out Windows Mobile 6.1 update for sliders and tilters

AtttiltromupdateBetter late than never, I always say. I’m talking about the Windows Mobile 6.1 update which has been around for quite a while now and is supposed to tide us over until we see Windows Mobile 7. Two almost-oldies but definite goodies finally see the upgrade from WinMo 6. First up, the XV6800 on Verizon Wireless can now get the upgrade, which might breathe a little more life in this venerable model with slide-out QWERTY. AT&T Tilt owners can get in on the upgrade action as well; the firmware hit the web just yesterday.

While I can understand that carrier testing and certification can hold up firmware upgrades, the general model is broken in my opinion. I’m not going on record to say that Apple is doing everything right with the iPhone; if they were, I’d have an iPhone 3G instead of a first-gen model. But they’ve proven their capability to create, test and push firmware upgrades far quicker than any other handset maker out there. Granted, they really have one model to manage right now since the two handsets are basically the same. Perhaps it would be different if they offered a large portfolio of phones? Maybe, but the odds of that are slim and none: their business model is to offer fewer product and product lines. In situations like this, that’s a definite plus both for them and for their customer.


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