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Strike.TV Talks Hits and Hollywood

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Since Strike.TV is knee-deep in its private beta, and since Liz and I are in L.A., we thought it would be a perfect time to drop in on its CEO, Peter Hyoguchi, for a chat. Hyoguchi’s been busy lining up 45 new shows for Strike.TV, including work from top-notch Hollywood writers, producers and actors like Mindy Kaling (The Office) and Steven E. de Souza (Die Hard).

What’s his secret for getting name talent to work for his little-known, not-yet-launched startup? Hyoguchi credits his encyclopedic knowledge of film — and confidence. His belief is that the more you act like a knowledgeable peer and less like a unworthy fanboy, the more likely big names will be willing to work with you.

We also got Hyoguchi to talk on camera about his definition of a hit and why he thinks the best storytellers in the world are in Hollywood.

4 Responses to “Strike.TV Talks Hits and Hollywood”

  1. I agree with Peter that a hit is something that you’ll just know when you see it. Plus it has to make bank. And yes, Hollywood is the place where storytellers come from all over the world b/c no matter how big the other markets get, it still is the foremost in terms of content and execution of scripted material.