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Solar Map: More Than 30 Utility-Scale Solar Plants in the U.S.

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There are more than 30 utility-scale solar power plants, one megawatt or larger, under various stages of development in the U.S., and we decided to start mapping them out. These are solar plants that have either signed a power purchase agreement with a utility, are included in the DOE’s official list of power generation sources or have applied for state permits like from the California Energy Commission.[digg=]

So check out our annotated Google map, embedded below. Like our other maps, we’ll add more info and update the map as news warrants.

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There may need to be a lot of updates — potentially taking points away — as many of these projects are in peril should Congress fail to renew the investment tax credit in a timely manner. We’ve heard from utility giants and solar executives that without the ITC the future of large-scale solar is stuck in limbo.

Google’s eye-in-the-sky even lets you see some of the solar power plants if you’re looking at the satellite photos. To see more cleantech wonders via satellite images, check out our Eco-Tour of Google Earth.

Sources: Solar Energy Industries Association, California Energy Commission, DOE Energy Information Administration.

18 Responses to “Solar Map: More Than 30 Utility-Scale Solar Plants in the U.S.”

  1. You’re missing the 1.6MW system at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA (,-122.084321&spn=0.003366,0.006067&t=h&z=18) and the nearby system that I think is >1MW at the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus (,-122.071184&spn=0.001683,0.003034&t=h&z=19)

    I also zoomed in on a couple of the map spots, like the one in Tracy, CA, but I couldn’t see any solar system there. Are the points accurate, or just to the city that they’re in?