iPhone 101: Save Images from Safari and Email to phone


I emailed my brother a picture of us when we were little to use as the picture that pops up when I call him, but when he received it he wasn’t sure how to save it to his iPhone (which you need to do to assign to a picture to a contact).

To save a picture to your iPhone library from Safari or an email:

  1. Click and hold on the picture you want to save to your iPhone
  2. Click “Save Image”
  3. Now when you navigate to your photo album your newly saved picture will be there to do with it what you please



Aah… My iPhone instructions came in Italian, so I couldn’t read them! How simple, thanks!


but how do you save a picture from an email on the older ipod touch…tha one that came out first?????


You will have to upgrade the firmware for the itouch to v2.0 minimum.


i save photos from safari by holding on picture.
but sometimes the saved photo is fine.
but many times photos appear blur.
why and how to rectify it?


Thanks :] I’ve been doing this on accident a few times and I wanted to know what I did I cause it.


mine are blurry too..but i bookmarked my photos first then saved them and they seemed to come out better

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