NTV Screenings LA: Watch Great Video, Win Fabulous Prizes

If you’re in Los Angeles tomorrow night, you’d best come out to our first-ever Pier Screenings here. Chris and I are on the ground and prepping for the main event. It all goes down at 7 p.m. (screening starts at 8) at Catchlight Studios, and we still have a few tickets left.

Along with prizes for our fabulous animation finalists, we also have a bunch of giveaways — gift certificates from Threadless, custom Etchstar etchings for your mobile phones, and possibly even a pre-release copy of the upcoming Ask a Ninja book.

For the finalists, there will be massive hard drives (1 TB to the winner!), bigger Threadless gift certificates, more engravings, and featuring of their videos on NewTeeVee and NewTeeVee Station.

Unfortunately, because we will only have a small team at the event, we won’t be able to livestream it in its entirety, but we have a Flixwagon demo device down for the ride and will be posting live clips here.

Thanks to our returning sponsors ON2 Technologies, G-Technology, Volomedia, Move Networks and DF SPlash — and our great partners Eventbrite and Mozes.


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