NBC Bans Pickens Ad, Boone Responds


The Pickens Plan media blitz hit a glitch this week when NBC refused to air the latest television spot promoting the former oil tycoon’s natural gas and wind energy plan. The 15-second ad, entitled “Iran” and embedded below, asserts that Iran is converting its own cars to run on natural gas “and we’re not doing a thing here.” Update: According to the Pickens Plan official blog NBC has reversed its position and will air the ad.

NBC wants the Pickens Plan to prove that we are indeed a do-nothing nation when it comes to natural gas transport, according to the group. While it is a strange nit to pick, NBC has a point. Things are being done, some of them by Pickens’ own natural gas car venture.

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The ad was cleared by all the other major networks, and NBC has only taken issue with this one ad, out of four new ads that will be running on television this week. T. Boone sent a letter to NBC Universal CEO and President Jeff Zucker expressing his dismay and again proclaiming his patriotic duty: “To deny this advertisement is to deny Americans their fundamental right to information and the ability to make their own decisions.”


Carl Pinkston

i heard someone talking the other day about natural gas.. i think it was on the science channel..
he stated that there is enough natural gas to supply the world for the next 6 thousand years..
i am sure if we could switch to cng, that there would be an alarm of shortage.. and the price would take a large jump to a higher price..
i look forward to when i can purcase a cng auto and have a supply to refuel it..

Deep Patel

Iran is changing their cars to natural gas because they hold so much of the natural gas reserves, they can if they want to. the USA on the other hand does not have the natural gas resources domestically. Sure the pickens natural gas plan would be short term solution, but why invest billions of dollars on the dimes of the CA tax payer when we can invest in distributed generation and cars that plug into the grid, v2g technology, distributed power for the people!

Alex Shey

My energy costs are less than one quarter my monthly health care costs and I’m only 33. If I were 53 years old, my gas purchases would be less than one tenth my health care costs. This in spite of a 3 fold increase in gas prices. T Boones ads are so alarmist when you consider the issue pales in comparison to health care. “Oil prices are a threat to our way of Life, ” what a hilarious comment in a country where over 100 million people that work full time can’t even afford health care and won’t really have a life if they have some medical problem. What hurts is we are changing from a country of citizens to a nation of Royalty and Privelege with so many second class citizens being left behind. That’s Not American.

Just watching

I had a CNG/ LPG / gasoline Ford F250 in the 70s and the fees and regulations became so complicated and expencive I took all the conversion off and put it in my barn and there it sits to this day. I aggree with Pickins on the ( not doing anything statement).
Been there and have seen it first hand.


Ridiculous. By the same token, they should get rid of all the Clean Coal ads. And the automakers’ hydrogen car ads. Or all of the Republican and Democratic campaign ads, for that matter. Since when did any network care about TRUTH in advertising???? Doesn’t Mr. Zucker watch Mad Men?


It’s a moot point when natural gas a dwindling resource that peaks even faster than crude. By the time any significant LNG infrastructure for the transportation sector was in place, the price of LNG would be well beyond what we’re now paying for gasoline. Hopefully by then, internal combustion engines will be seen as the inefficient blunders that they really are.

Pickens has one thing right: WIND

….though small-scale, distributed wind energy is more efficient, resilient and equitable.

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