NBC Bans Pickens Ad, Boone Responds

The Pickens Plan media blitz hit a glitch this week when NBC refused to air the latest television spot promoting the former oil tycoon’s natural gas and wind energy plan. The 15-second ad, entitled “Iran” and embedded below, asserts that Iran is converting its own cars to run on natural gas “and we’re not doing a thing here.” Update: According to the Pickens Plan official blog NBC has reversed its position and will air the ad.

NBC wants the Pickens Plan to prove that we are indeed a do-nothing nation when it comes to natural gas transport, according to the group. While it is a strange nit to pick, NBC has a point. Things are being done, some of them by Pickens’ own natural gas car venture.

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The ad was cleared by all the other major networks, and NBC has only taken issue with this one ad, out of four new ads that will be running on television this week. T. Boone sent a letter to NBC Universal CEO and President Jeff Zucker expressing his dismay and again proclaiming his patriotic duty: “To deny this advertisement is to deny Americans their fundamental right to information and the ability to make their own decisions.”