jkOnTheRun video- BlueAnt V1 voice activated headset

The BlueAnt V1 headset was just announced a couple of days ago and our friends at BlueAnt sent an evaluation unit that just arrived in Mobile Tech Manor a short while ago.  In this video I show you the V1 and discuss its basic capabilites.  The V1 is the first Bluetooth headset that has integrated the voice command system right into the headset itself.  This means it doesn’t matter if the phone has voice command features which is pretty darn cool.  You will see in this video how the V1 compares to the predecessor, the Z9, and you’ll see all three charging options that ship with the V1.  I’m going to see how the voice command system works with the iPhone 3G and I’ll be reporting back on that.  Enjoy the video.



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